Fund Analytics Limited is an independent consulting company specialising in bespoke portfolio solutions for institutions and  investment managers.  Our unique structure and experience allows us to act solely on behalf of our clients so we can focus exclusively on helping you make informed and carefully controlled investment decisions regarding your portfolio.  Whether you are considering making an allocation to the important and ever growing area of alternative investments, or you need assistance managing traditional asset classes, let Fund Analytics help you decide.


Fund Analytics’ core business philosophy is ‘know your client’ and we believe that successful solutions can come only from an awareness of our clients’ needs.  As a result, our first priority is to fully understand your particular style of investing and the issues that concern your portfolios’ performance.  Next is to apply our extensive hands-on quantitative and analytical experience to create the ideal, bespoke solutions that are realistic and relevant in addressing your particular investing goals effectively and efficiently.


We have intimate knowledge of the industry based on our many years of collective experience on both the buy and sell sides of the financial services industry, which makes us uniquely qualified.  With Fund Analytics there are no “off the shelf” solutions to your investment policies – every client is different.  The services we provide will help you carefully select, construct, monitor and risk manage your investments in a consistent, disciplined and timely way.


Fund Analytics is a company that has no conflict of interest.  We are not affiliated with any organizations that require us to use their models, software, technology or methodology.  This allows us to be discreet and strictly confidential regarding your investment issues.  Our only guiding influence is you.





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